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The Process of buying a policy is very simple at . We are the only portal in the whole of MENA region that has the capability where customers can buy a Personalized & Bespoke Motor Policy online instantly,  in Media . It’s our vision to make the policy buying experience for the customer very simple. You can buy an online insurance policy just within a few minutes if you have all your documents ready. Please note that since we are a fully transactional portal, we will display the comparative quotes from the participating insurers for your subject matter only. All our quotes displayed are bespoke & specific to you and it is not generically applicable to anyone else. For motor insurance, we quote specifically for your vehicle which is identifiable by its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or otherwise called Chassis Number issued by the manufacturer and your Driving License details.
Each VIN or Chassis Number uniquely identifies the sub-model of the car which has an impact on its value and insurability. You are looking to insure YOUR VEHICLE and not any vehicle which may be identical to your vehicle. Your Driving License allows us to identify your driving experience, without needing to prove your experience. This assists you in optimizing your insurance cover at appropriate prices.
Our preferred option would be to request you to upload the required documentation. The registration card (Mulkiya), Driving License & Emirates ID. If the vehicle is in the name of the company, you will have to additionally upload the Trade License and your VAT Certificate. Our machine learning will be deployed to read the contents of the documents uploaded and will also allow you to edit the contents of the details are inaccurate. You also have the option to manually enter all the details available on the registration card (Mulkiya), Driving License & Emirates ID and if the vehicle is in the name of the company, the Trade License and VAT certificate details. However since your is also built to issue the policy instantly, we will require you to upload the documentation before processing the policy.
You will be directed to a to populate the Start Date and Declare a few conditions before the quote is displayed for YOUR vehicle
As we are built the system with the customer at the core, we must display the quotes, terms & conditions of various participating insurers. We must also verify your credentials as we do not encourage pseudo shopping. To avert this, we would have to seek you to provide your mobile number and email address. We will ensure that it is only you who can access the quote and for this, you will have to authenticate the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number and email to access your Bespoke quotes. We understand that you as a customer will visit our site more often and we are glad to advise that your mobile number is your login id and we do not want you to remember your password. We will generate an OTP every time you login thereafter and you can continue your journey from where you have left off.
Your Bespoke and Personalized quotes based on your credentials and our machine learning, we will display the quotes from all the participating insurers. Our advanced machine learning will not only display various basic quotes, but it will also recommend the additional covers that we believe is appropriate. You have the liberty to add or delete covers (apart from the basic cover as stipulated by Insurance Authority, UAE). This screen is your playground, you can compare quotes of various insurers or you could obtain full details of the quote of any particular insurer. We have made the explanation of the cover simple and lucid and it is always our objective to empower and enable you to make the right choice of cover and insurer.

Upon selecting to buy your preferred plan, you will be directed to our Secure Payment Gateway to make the payment to issue the policy. We value your trust imposed on us and you need to note that we do not store any details of your card in our systems. The secure payment gateway is integrated by the bank into our system.

After successfully paying the premium at the Secured Payment Gateway, you will be redirected to the policy issuance page. Here we will request you to confirm as to when you wish your insurance to commence and also re-validate the vehicle and your credentials before we initiate the policy issuance. It is important to re-validate the information and populates additional information as required by your insurance company because this information is required to integrate your policy with the Road Traffic Authority (RTA). You will have to note that only when the insurance details are successfully uploaded to RTA, your registration can be renewed for the next 12 months.

Voila, your policy is issued in less than 5 minutes and you can download your policy from the Dashboard which is your Customized personalized dashboard.

We endeavor to always empower and enable you to transact your insurance policy seamlessly on the platform. However, if you feel that you need assistance or clarification your advisor can assist you and chat with you throughout your buying journey. You can find his details on the top right-hand corner of your screen. You should note that has been developed to simplify your insurance buying journey, there are times that system would redirect you to a dedicated insurance advisor who is reachable during the working hours. Typically your personalized insurance advisors who are also monitoring your journey remotely during the normal working hours will have to personally additionally verify and validate certain details which amongst others will include your accident history, vehicle modification if your previous insurance is already expired if you choose a comprehensive policy and the previous year policy is a third party only. The platform is accessible at all times and from anywhere, however, if the platform analyses the need for your personal insurance advisor to verify or validate any information, the platform will advise you that your personal insurance advisor will get in touch with you. Should this happen after normal working hours, they will respond upon resumption of normal business hours.

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