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Discharge receipt will be issued by Noor Takaful within 30 days post receipt of a valid documents under all non-early claims.Claim amount will be provided post receipt of the signed discharge form.
in case of death claim following documents are required:
 Copy of Death Certificate (attested by UAE Embassy in the country where the death occured as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE)
 Copy of police Report (if necessary)
 Copy of Succession Certificate
 Nominee Details
 Death claim Form and documents as maybe required by the Company case to case basic.
* Noor Takaful may request for originals
You can directly contact Noor Takaful PJSC in case of claim arises.The e-mail id is contact no is +971 600505057.
The cover is worldwide and countinues subject receipt of regular contribution,if you are planing to leave UAE,you to inform us about your new destination with updated contact details.

You can add and change beneficiary anytime during Takaful Certificate term,however ,in case of minor below 18 years age,guardian must be notified.Thebeneficiary can also chosen as per "UAE Shariah Law".

Reinstatement is allow with in 2 years from the first unpaid contribution due date.

Following riders are in built under the basic plan:
 Terminal illne Benefit: This benefits pays out 20% of sum insured maximum upto 150,000 if the covered member is diagnosed with a terminal illness.A Terminal illness is an incurable disease that cannot be adequately treated and is reasonably expected to result in the death of the insured with in 12 months of diagnosis.
 Repatriation Benefit of AED 5,000

The grace period for making payment is 31 days from contribution due date. After Grace period,policy will lapse.Howevere,you can renew the policy.
Contribution up to 90 days No Health Questionnaire required
Afetr 90 days but within 180 days Health Questionnaire
After 180 days and before two years of lapsation Health Questionnaire + Medical examination as per Underwriting guidelines

Sum assured at the time of death.

Chose the payment method that suits you,Cheque,credit card or transfer to Account.
 Maximum sum Assured is AED 750,000

Minimum plan term is 5 years till you reach the age 75 or maximum term is 15 years.

Pure Protection Cash Back Plan is available in both AED Only.

in case no claim has been made, on maturity,this plan pays back up 50% of the contribution you have paid.

Pure Protection Cash Back plan is designed to provide Takaful Coverage in case of their premature death or terminal illness.This plan will ensure that the family gets a lump sum amount in case of his premature death.
 Plan provides a lump sum benefit in case of death of the plan holder prior completion of term.
 Lump sum benefit colud be selected according to the amount of cover required.
 Client can choose the coverage period up to 15 years.
 Client can avail the coverage through simplified online process and Health declaration upto age 60 and upto sum coverd AED 750,000.

To apply for Life Care you should between 18 years to 60 years old at entry and not exceeding 75 years at the maturity of the plan.

Yes.There are some exclusions appilicable to benefit.Please read the Terms and Conditions or for details.

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