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Seven female critical illnesses are covered in the insurance policy. Those are Breast Cancer, Ovaries Cancer, Cancer in the fallopian tubes, Cervix cancer, Genito Urinary Cancer, (including uterine cancer, bladder or urethra & kidneys) Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer.

The following conditions such as Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Leukaemia, All non-melanoma skin cancers, Non-life-threatening cancers, such as prostate cancers, Papillary micro-carcinoma of the thyroid, Non-invasive papillary cancer of the bladder, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia are excluded from covering in female critical care.

The minimum age is set to 18 years and the maximum age of entry is 60 years.

The benefits includes the payment of huge sum of money to the iisured once she is diagnosed with critical illness given that if she survives for 28 days from the date of her first diagnosis with illness.

The women-specific critical insurance provides covers different from usual critical insurance benefits. The insurer might be eligible for a tax benefit on a women-specific critical illness policy, some insurers even provide additional benefits for a child’s education.

In the modern world, women face innumerable health issues throughout their life. The roles of the women stretches far and wide starting from home to workplace. Taking the women’s health issues into consideration the I@O insurance policy is an asset and boon that should not be ignored at any cost.

It depends on several factors, some important conditions are: The information and particulars disclosed and declared by the Participant in the Application must be true and correct. The illness shall not be as a result of a Pre-Existing Condition or been diagnosed before the issuance/comment date.

No, the Covered Female Critical Illness experienced by the insured should be the first incidence of that Female critical Illness and the signs or symptoms of the Covered Female Critical Illness experienced by the Insured Person must be commenced more than 90 days following the Commencement Date.

No, however, the insurer is diagnosed with multiple illnesses, only one lump sum payment shall be provided during the covered member’s lifetime regardless of the number of Covered Female Critical Illnesses.

Where the Beneficiary is a minor, the Female Critical Illness Benefit would be paid to the legal guardian of the Beneficiary, giving him / her full and valid discharge of payment.

It is to be noted that only the 7 critical illnesses listed are covered in this policy, any illness other than the seven illnesses are not covered. Also, Intentionally self-inflicted injury, Chronic alcohol abuse or the use of drugs, AIDS, HTVL, and HIV, illnesses, and injuries stem from radioactive or ionizing radiation, hazardous sports/professional sports activities are not covered.

Nothing is payable on surrender of the plan.

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