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Personal Belongings Cover Add-on (Personal Effect / Personal Possessions Cover)

Personal Belongings Cover Add-on (Personal Effect / Personal Possessions Cover)

March 21, 2023

Having your car stolen is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you as a car owner. Not only does it leave you feeling violated, but it can also be a major financial setback. And, the situation can be even worse if a lot of your possessions have been stolen along with your car. When you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, you might be able to find some comfort, as your car insurance will serve as your safety net and help you by covering the value of your vehicle.

But, what if your personal belongings are stolen from your car?

Losing valuable possessions like a laptop, wallet, or smartphone can be devastating. It is not always possible to recover these items. Even if you are able to locate them, it may be too late as they may have been sold or disposed off by the person who stole them.

So, to cover your personal belongings in your car, you need to buy a separate add-on called a Personal Belonging Cover. With this, your insurer will help out with compensation for the loss of any personal belongings that were in your car at the time of the theft.

Let's discuss personal belonging cover in detail.

What Is The Personal Belonging (Personal Effect) Cover?

The Personal Belonging Cover is an add-on that can be added to a comprehensive policy to cover the personal belongings in your car like phones, cameras, laptops, etc. You can add this cover to your base car insurance policy by paying an extra premium.

What Is Covered By A Personal Belonging Cover?

A Personal Belonging Cover will provide coverage for the following -

1️⃣Damages Due To Fire
It shall cover any damage caused to personal belongings present in your car due to fire. For example, Rhea kept her laptop in her car and went to the library. Suddenly, her car caught fire due to a fuel leakage issue, and her laptop sustained significant damage. In such a case, she can claim compensation for the damaged laptop.

2️⃣Accidental Damages
Any personal belongings present in the car that are damaged in an accident are covered by the Personal Belonging Cover. For instance, say you kept your DSLR camera in the boot of your car. Suddenly, another car bumped into yours, causing your camera to break. In this case, you will receive compensation for the damaged camera.

It is important to note that theft coverage will apply only if the loss or damage to personal belongings occurs in the insured vehicle. Imagine someone breaking into your car and stealing your laptop. In this case, you can file a claim for compensation.

What Is Not Covered By This Add-On?

These are some circumstances for which the add-on will not provide coverage -

👉The policy will not provide coverage if your belongings are stolen due to your negligence. For instance, Rachel fails to lock her car before going to the post office, and someone steals her handbag that was kept inside. The add-on will not provide compensation for the stolen handbag.

👉No coverage shall be provided if the belongings are kept in an open or convertible vehicle rather than in a locked boot or locked glove compartment.

👉Some insurers won't cover certain things under this add-on. For example, Emirates Insurance stipulates in their policy that they will not cover loss of money, jewellery, stamps, tickets, documents or securities.

Now that you understand the inclusions and exclusions of the policy, let’s move on to the purchase process.

How To Add This Add-On To Your Policy?

These are some of the steps you need to follow to add this cover to your car insurance -

1. Visit the website of any broker and click on the "Car Insurance" link.

2. Enter your details as well as those of your car, such as the name and model of the car, its registration year, your driving experience, your location, etc.

3. When you fill in these details, you'll be directed to a quote page where you can compare quotes from different insurers.

4. Check which insurance company provides you with the option to add this cover. Only a few insurance companies offer this cover as an in-built add-on, such as Oriental, Orient, etc. Make sure you know how much coverage is included in this add-on before making the payment.

5. Next, add the cover to your car insurance and then proceed with the payment.

How To File A Claim For Your Personal Belongings?

Here are the steps you need to follow for a smooth claim experience -

1. The first step to raising a claim for your personal belongings is to get a police report. A claim will only be entertained if it is backed by a police report. It must include the list of items that were damaged or stolen from your car.

2. Inform your insurance company once you have the police report.

3. Submit the requisite documents to the insurance company, which include:
➔ Police report with the list of stolen/damaged items
➔ Proof of purchase of lost or damaged belongings
➔ Claim form
➔ Emirates ID
➔ Car Registration Document (Mulkiya)
➔ Any other documents as requested by the insurance company

4. The insurer will verify all the documents and make the payment after applying depreciation on the purchased amount along with any wear and tear - as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Wrapping up!
A Personal Belonging Cover is a great way to protect your valuables. Not only does it provide security, but it also gives peace of mind knowing that you are financially protected against unforeseen events. Now that you have enough knowledge about the cover, its inclusions and exclusions, we are sure that you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

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