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Agency Repair Add On

Agency Repair Add On

March 21, 2023

Did you know that the average car is made up of approximately 30,000 individual parts, right from nuts to window panes to radiators to lights? These parts work in harmony together to make your car run as smooth as butter, so you can always enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted drive.

However, like it is with all types of machinery, these parts may face wear and tear or greater damage if your car gets into an accident or a similar contingency. For instance, say someone tries to steal your car. They try pulling down the front window and ultimately end up breaking it, damaging the window frame and the door.

What do you do in such cases? You obviously take your car for repair work so it’s up and working again. But, what if it costs a lot of money? What if the part you need to replace or repair is expensive?

You can’t compromise the genuineness of the car parts to save money. If you use parts that are not original, this may hamper your safety and can also result in greater expenses down the road. A correctly maintained car will be more durable and secure.

Here’s where the Agency Repairs add-on comes to your rescue. Let’s discuss this in detail.


What is the Agency Repair Cover?

The Agency Repair Cover is an add-on that you can customise your car insurance policy with. The cover allows you to repair your vehicle at an authorized dealership or service centre rather than repairing it at a local garage. It ensures that your car is repaired at the original manufacturer's workshop and genuine spare parts are used to repair your car.

Agency repairs are generally provided by the insurance company for 2 years. Some may extend it to 5 years on an exceptional basis. Make sure you go through the policy wording before investing in the cover, so you know how long you will be covered for.


How Does the Agency Repair Cover Work?

As discussed earlier, having an Agency Repair add-on in your car insurance policy provides you coverage for car repairs. When you make a claim for damages caused to your car under this feature, your vehicle will be repaired in the authorized dealership and original spare parts will be used. The costs incurred for repairing your vehicle will be covered under the agency repair cover.

In the UAE, some insurance companies allow you to choose from a list of authorized repair shops or dealerships. These authorized repair shops provide high-quality repairs as they are often equipped with the latest technology and trained technicians.


How Can You Add the Agency Repair Cover to Your Car Insurance Policy?

Follow these simple steps to add the agency repair cover to your car insurance -

1. Visit any broker’s website of your choice and click on the ‘Car Insurance’ option.

2. Enter your details as well as your car details like the make and model of your car, registration year of your car, your driving experience, location, etc.

3. Once you fill in these details, you will be navigated to the ‘Quote Page’ where you will find different quotes from different insurers.

4. You might notice that only a few insurers offer the Agency Repair Cover as an inbuilt add-on.

5. Others may provide you with an option to add the same by paying some extra premium.

6. Add the extension and then proceed with the payment.


Who Should Buy The Agency Repairs Cover?

You should consider investing in the Agency Repairs Cover if -

You own a brand-new car. Local garages will not guarantee the use of genuine spare parts during repair work.

You want your car to be fitted with original and high-quality parts.


To Conclude

Your car is your prized possession and you don’t want it to fall into disrepair because of faulty and unoriginal spare parts. The Agency Repairs Add-On will help you cover the costs of expensive spare parts and will guarantee that your car is repaired at the original manufacturer’s workshop - so your beautiful drive is in the best condition always!

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