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Wander the world valiantly with a travel Insurance

In the good old days, a group of travelers, called caravans often on a trade expedition stays in a fertile green lush in the middle of the desert that provides relief, and freshwater is known to be Oasis. Oasis is a symbol of hope and happiness for travelers so does InsureAtOasis with an insurance policy for the travelers itinerating far and wide of the earth. One day humans would take a tour outside earth for leisure and we would provide space travel insurance.

Travelling can transform a man from a mere thing into a hero. One famous quote goes like this “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. True travel can change a person physically and psychologically, it cut down your stress and makes you feel better.

Being more understanding and accepting about other cultures and their difference is a wealth you could gain from travel. A traveler is naturally a smarter and interesting person in his way. Few stories about your tour would grand you more attention and friends. It does not just stop with your neighborhood friends but a healthy social circle in wherever places you have been to.

Meeting new people and learning new things can only be possible by travel. An adventure journey can be extremely motivating and refreshing at the same time. It takes you far away from your daily same old stuff. You have something tangible to go after years to come.

The beginning of the travel

Travel is a movement of people between different and distant geographical locations, including short stays between successive movements. During the antiquity, period travel was an elite hobby of wealthy Greeks and Romans who would travel to Pompeii and baiae for their leisure in summer villas. At that time, traveling was a burdensome and expensive undertaking.

Over the years Culture and technology have tended to travel easier and accessible than the earlier travel tended with a dangerous and slower pace. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to the new world which forever changed the way of transportation mankind has done since then. The travel by water provided more comfort and speed for long-distance traveling for quite some time in history.

In the late 16th-century wealthy young men and upper-class people traveled to different parts of Europe as part of the education, which is known as Grand tour. Eventually, the advent of the train in the nineteenth century started tourism as travel for fun and enjoyment.

After the Second World War, air travel became ubiquitous because of the surplus availability of aircraft and pilots. The air travel made traveling between continents easy and fast compared to earlier uneasy ways of traveling for days and even months.

Purpose of travel

If we ask someone why do you travel? They would simply answer, “Because I love it”. Yes, it is pretty much difficult for most of us to answer. The purpose of travel is to discover new cultures, learn and grow new skills, engage in activities, build better social relationships, and know-how travel insurance works!Travelling brings us close to ourselves and to the world itself.

Traveling can be categorized based on the motive of the travel into tourism, pilgrimage, business travel, trade, etc. The modes of travel for the travelers vary largely from human-powered transports like walking, bicycles to airplanes, trains, automobiles, and public transports.

Tourism: the world tourism organization defines the term tourism as “traveling to a place outside the usual environment of the traveler and staying there for more than 24 hours and less than one consecutive year”. This definition is beyond the perception of a generic and common view of tourism as just a holiday activity.

Over the years there have emerged numerous specialty types of tourism each with its objectives and adjectives. Education tourism, Medical tourism, wildlife tourism, sports tourism, movie tourism, doom tourism, winter tourism, mass tourism, nautical tourism, and culinary tourism are some of the dozens of tourism forms available these days.

Pilgrimage: a pilgrimage is a metaphorical journey to an unknown foreign place in search of the moral or spiritual significance of one’s own belief. Traveling for site seeing religious monuments and artifacts is considered as one of the sub-sect in religious tourism.

The main focal point of the pilgrims is to a shrine or the location of religious importance. For the pilgrimages of Islam, Abrahamic religions of Judaism, and Christianity the Holy Place is the prime point of the journey.

The Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca which is considered a mandatory duty of all adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of going. Every year around three million Muslims gather in the Hajj which is the largest annual gathering of the people in the world.

Business travel: the individuals of government or non-government travel away from their workplace and home as part of their activity to attend meetings, conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions are said to be business travel.

Bleisure travel is a peculiar type of business travel with the combination of professional business obligations and leisure such as recreation, dining out, shopping, and meeting friends.

Trade: Moving goods and services from a person or entity to another in a distant location is a trade. Trains, ships, and aircraft were used to carry goods along with the tradesmen and crew members.

Haywires in Travel

The covid-19 pandemic has shattered the entire world and preciously it had created a long-lasting impact on the way people have traveled before. Many countries have imposed entry bans, Travel restrictions during Covid, and quarantines for travelers. Most countries have even prevented their citizens from traveling overseas. So travel insurance quarantine is necessary for every traveler in the pandemic time.

While talking about the movement of people the movement of goods also needs to be addressed. In late March of this year, the Suez Canal was blocked by a cargo ship that held up the whole world in tension and suspense. The Suez Canal is a vital trade route carrying up to 10 percent of the global trade. Marine insurance for such sceneries would be extremely useful to the entire ship and crew members.

The blockage is said to create a shortage in the supply chain and many ships were forced to go around the African continent. This is a very big financial loss caused for the cargo ship and to the entire world economy.

Apart from outrageous pandemic causes for the world population and Suez Canal blockage, each traveler would encounter unforeseen events and mishaps in every travel at any given time. A traveler can be subjected to crime and violence in a foreign country.

The loss of itinerary documents and passports, emergency medical requirements, delay or cancellation of flights are some of the many ones could face in travel. So authorities emphasize travelers PCR Test is mandatory for Travel along with Travel insurance when traveling abroad to ensure travel safety.

Travel with an Insurance

The catastrophic event in travel is common but it can be scary. So the wise option left is to plan before the journey. Travel insurance foresees an unforeseen scenario in travel and helps to take adequate measurements. A comprehensive travel insurance policy can take any immediate action reducing the financial burden giving a hassle-free trip.

Our travel insurance can broadly be divided into three based on geographical location, types of traveler, and the validity of the insurance policy.

Geography based insurance

Domestic travel insurance is meant for people who travel within the geographical borders of the country and especially travel insurance is mandatory for UAE.

International Travel Insurance provides safety and security for the travelers who go to travel overseas. Any kind of mishaps like medical expenses, flight delay, loss of things and hijack are covered in this policy.

Schengen travel insurance provides exclusive travel protection for travelers who travel to the Schengen countries. Unforeseen emergencies and financial loss happened in the Schengen European countries like France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Norway, etc. can be reimbursed.

Traveler based insurance

Family travel insurance is provided for the family traveling overseas, it usually covers the policyholder, spouse, and the children on their dependent. The insurance covers indemnity for both individuals and family floater basis.

Senior travel insurance is a tailor-made policy designed for people traveling above the age of 60. It covers all the necessary features including medical expenses, financial loss just life international travel insurance.

Student travel insurance is custom-made student-friendly insurance for students pursuing their education abroad. While providing the basic coverage same as international travel insurance it also provides sponsor protection, medical evacuation, study interruption, bail bond.

Corporate travel insurance is designed to cater to the corporate and business peoples traveling for business purposes. Travel insurance long-term best suits for corporate travel usually have more validity than the other policy facilitating to take up more journeys.

Group travel insurance bet opted for people who travel in a group usually for a tour arranged by travel agencies, pilgrimages, official tours, and industrial training. These insurance policies provide cover for both domestic and overseas visits.

Medical travel insurance has extensive medical covers also travel Insurance covers Vaccine expenses for travelers in case of any medical emergencies. It provides financial assistance for hospitalization, medical treatments, day-care expenses, and medical evacuation.

Validity based insurance

Multi-travel insurance is beneficial for people who take frequent journeys in a year. It provides all the coves of the international travel insurance. Travel insurance yearly plan reduces the cost of buying a new policy before taking every new trip thus save a large sum of money.

A single trip travel insurance policy is a one-time validity policy starting with the beginning of the journey and ends with the culmination of the journey. Travel insurance single trip covers both medical as well as non-medical expenses in the policy.

Travel with InsureAtOasis

The paradigm shift in the perception of travel in recent years and the Covid Test for Travel has created is the main reason for buying travel insurance. People no longer wait for the winter or the summer to arrive they offer to undertake a journey in the year when year they please to escape from the monotonous life. So the prudent to protect your self during the travel is more important.

You may have doubt are travel insurance companies covering covid? Yes, InsureAtOasis covers covid in the cover. Many countries in the world have made travel insurance mandatory while applying for visas. Also, medical expenses in some countries are more expensive so having travel insurance covers Medical would save your pocket in a foreign place.

Any kind of theft and loss of your things can be protected and replacement for the lost things are done immediately. Payment for the personal liability in case of legal expenses is also covered in our travel insurance that gives a stress-free journey. An entire family traveling benefits can be assured with our policy that is exclusively customized foreseeing your difficulties and mishaps in mind.

InsureAtOasis provides travel insurance compare facility to see by yourself and choose your preferred policies as you like. Insurers in InsureAtOasis are travel insurance companies giving refunds in the whole UAE.

Pack Up

When you travel you just don’t learn about others but about your own itself. Travelling can open your mind to new explored ideas and places. It brings you more experience as well as many difficulties in the way. Such mishaps and catastrophic events can be contained, identified only with the best travel insurance policies from InsureAtOasis.

Our policies are tailor-made for our customers at the best prices and offer travel advice for your journey. We believe every travel of your with InsureAtoasis brings you tons of happy memories that you can cherish even after years.

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