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Wishing you, your family, near and dear ones Ramadan Kareem

Nature has been reflecting on itself, self-healing and purifying itself. The deserts are back to its glory, fresh air filling the nostrils, the water bodies are refreshed, flora and fauna are at their colorful best. Wildlife too had a great time enjoying its unbridled freedom to an extent that they were seen in cities and towns.

The holy month is all about self-reflecting, self-healing and purification of oneself. We are blessed to have the holy month during the same period when Nature is also doing the same. We are all blessed to be around at the same time and practice it.

The past month has proved that we can still achieve a lot of things; whilst having work life balance. A general consensus has been that the productivity has improved. The companies which were equipped technologically were able to continue uninterrupted and for others this was rearranging their way of doing business.

As your trusted insurance partner, we have been at the forefront of change. At, we have made it possible that our customers can search, compare and buy insurance solutions instantly, thus becoming the first and only such truly online insurance platform in the region for over an year now. We have made it possible that you can insure from anywhere, anytime. This applied to us equally and the past month is a standing proof that we were conducting business seamlessly. Our colleagues had the privilege and pleasure of spending quality time with their families and also assist our customers in securing and servicing their insurance policies instantly.

During this time, we further enhanced our services and offerings; we are pleased to announce launch of new insurance products which are very relevant to us at this point of time. With the launch of OASIS WOMAN CARE | OASIS CRITICAL CARE | OASIS LIFE CARE | OASIS CASH BACK LIFE CARE | OASIS HEALTH CARE, we have addressed the needs of the consumers in addition to our existing products OASIS AUTO CARE | OASIS HOME AND OASIS TRAVEL CARE.

Our core mantra is to Keep Insurance Simple and Straight and we have ensured that all the products are available over the counter without the need for submitting any complex questionnaire or medical reports. Just as you repose trust on us, it is only natural that we have faith in you.

We have broken the myth that the products are expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. You will be pleasantly delighted that all the new offerings commence with premium of thirty-five fils a day to less than a dirham a day.

Whilst the current circumstances have allowed us to identify and reflect on our wants and needs, isn't it our duty and need to secure ourselves in a simple way and be independent? Let us reflect; make it our motto that we are financially secure should we be tested. The situation has exposed the vulnerability of the mighty and all financial instruments, the only beacon of hope was to have insurance which will secure you and your family at this time.

Ramadan has brought cheer and hope. Our government has relaxed the restrictions imposed. Our Rulers have done a yeoman service to keep all of us safe during this period. It is our duty to secure ourselves now.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to the Health workers, Civic authorities for their untiring efforts. Their sacrifices cannot be penned in words. The real warriors of putting their life at risk for us to be safe.

Whilst nothing can match the efforts and sacrifices of the Health Workers, we would like to thank them in our own way during the Holy Month of Giving. All Health workers will be eligible for 25% discount on all our products during this holy month.

Ramadan Kareem to all once again.

Stay Safe !! Stay Insured !!!

With Warm Regards
Sridhar Subbaraman
Founder & CEO

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