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Why InsureAtOasis?

Get the best price every single time

Why InsureAtOasis?
Why InsureAtOasis

Quick Services

  • Download Your Policy Under Six Minutes
  • Fast & Responsive Claim Services
  • Minimum Entries and Clicks
Why InsureAtOasis?

Better Deals

  • Best Deals in Town
Why InsureAtOasis?

Professional Approach

  • Customized Solutions
Why InsureAtOasis?
Customer Driven

At I@O the culture revolves around understanding the needs of the customers and the best way to serve them rather than emphasizing on pricing and profits.

Claims Assurance

At I@O, we provide end to end service when it comes to claims and are proud of our smart and efficient claims team that has proven to have 100% settlement ratio.

Customized Policies

The expert team at Oasis first gathers information about the industries and analyzes the particular risks involved and then issue policies based on the findings.

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Customer Testimonial to Insureatoasis

“At the onset I would like to thank you for giving me a patient hearing and sending me all the required details. Very rarely do I come across pleasant people like you who actually give after sales service. Such good service from you requires the best ratings possible. If I could , I would give you 20 out of 20 but I would sincerely like to give a letter of appreciation. So please let me know if there is any scale system in your company where I could thank you for your unimaginably excellent service. As a teacher I feel people of your understanding and caliber will take this company to great heights. Wishing you the very best”.

Namrata Jayakrishnan Nayar

“As per my feedback on your service, I would like to give you a score of 4. Your service is excellent except for a slight delay from your end or the Insurance company. Thank you once again for your help from the start until the completion of your service”

Mark Anthony Geronimo

“Greetings It was really a wonderful experience with your insurance company in the form of claim of my car accident. TEam is very cooperative and they timely managed everything without creating any trouble. I will strongly give rate of 5 and wish to continue same insurance of the next year”


Dear Team, “Thanks for my claim processing it was hassle free experience. I would rate it 4

“I greatly appreciate your time and effort for my requested insurance claim utmost earliest time you can offer For my personal rating, 4.5”

Olimar Bandico

“I am Very happy with your services.”


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